Antony Mathew: A Hot Night

Recently, a friend invited me to his house to watch a movie, I was accept the invitation, but without knowing what I expected, was innocent of the situation. At the exit of the work he step for me, and then we went to eat at home. A entering immediately asked me if I liked the wild or submissive sex, was surprised, but immediately replied that both said I would like to be my sex slave for that evening, once my penis became erect, without thinking it take by the neck and began to kiss, I tore my clothes and both were in their underwear, they spent several minutes while rub our cocks and we kissed passionately.Between the excitement tie it hand and foot. My cock filled with much lubrication put it in my mouth jerked to suck me off and finally opened her legs and very hard fuck your ass and filled spit his face, already having while fucking him pulled out my cock and spill my cum in her face and excitedly swallowed.

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