Clark Washington: The Times They Are…..

Hello everyone! So Iâm gonna include this blog everywhere on the site so it wonât be specific to my fan club but more of a overview of my first 2 weeks ? Haha My first bio was on my second day . So this makes sense . But I am really lucky to have people I consider regulars I cannot mention any names because I will leave someone out and then feel bad for the next two months ha but I know they will be the reason I can keep going in this completely new experience . Thank you to everyone who bought a two hour private show or just opened up to me in free chat when they simply did not have someone next to them when they needed . I am insanely lucky to lend a ear and offer a understanding that I Hope is free of judgement and void of any selfish ideals .I know I will never look like these real models who take the time to craft their art into a final product that is amazing . And I may have said that before but everyday I work , I truly realize how hard these people work . I m trying to put my drop in the bucket that these other accomplished artists have been overflowIng for years . So I am on the search to find my story to tell , to offer my services that are unique to me . So hopefully you will keep cutting me slack ha ha and I will get to a place I want to be in , in no time at all . Really Thank You everyone and be safe . Clark_Washington #glasses #beanie #flannel #havinfun

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